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    Татьяна Котова - обладательница титула "Мисс Россия 2006", учаcтница финалов конкурсов красоты "Мисс Вселенная 2007" и "Мисс Мира 2007"; солистка группы ВИА Гра с марта 2008-го года по март 2010-го года; с середины 2010-го года в сольном музыкальном проекте. 5′9ʺ / 175cm Born 1985


    Свою первую роль Ирина Антоненко сыграла в голливудском фильме «Фантом» (The Darkest Hour), премьера которого состоится в конце декабря 2011 года в Лос-Анджелесе. Приглашение сыграть в одном из эпизодов фантастического триллера Ирина получила от студии «Базелевс» Тимура Бекмамбетова, который выступил одним .. 5′10ʺ / 178cm Born 1991


    Elmira won the title of Miss Russia 2013 on March 2, 2013. She is a young student from Siberia, as Miss Russia Elmira she got to wear the one-of-a-kind, diamond-encrusted Miss Russia crown and received a $100,000 prize from Russian Standard Bank and a brand new car. Elmira’s exceptional beauty, expressed th.. 5′9ʺ / 175cm Born 1994


    Tamara speaks English and Russian. Modelling is her living and my passion. She has worked as model for more than 5 years. Her work includes exhibitions, promo-actions, photosessions, video, cinema and Advertizing. She is available for fashion and print projects. 5′9ʺ / 175cm Born 1985


    She was born in the city of Minsk. She graduated from high school with advanced study of the Spanish language, art school (9 years danced in the ensemble of folk dance "gonna"), Minsk State College of Arts (choreography, ballet), music school (piano), possess the skill of an actor (she studied as a separate.. 5′8ʺ / 173cm Born 1982


    Daria Pershina (Дарья Першина) is a Russian model based in LA currently represented by LA Models. Her modeling experience includes photoshoots and fashion show in China (Shanghai), Korea (Seoul), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Japan (Tokyo), Ireland (Dublin) as well as Italy (Milan). Dari.. 5′9ʺ / 175cm Born 1996

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    Chucha Babuchina is a professional model from Moscow. Her work experience includes numerous photoshoots for photographers and runway shows. She is available for fashion and print projects internationally. 5′8ʺ / 173cm Born 1988


    Olga Aleshicheva is a model based in Moscow. She has international modeling experience having worked in France, Spain, United Arab Emirated (Dubai & Abu Dhabi), Singapoure, Lebanon and Korea. She has participated in numerous high fashion shows as well as in promotional and advertisi.. 5′10ʺ / 178cm Born 1992

    Models currently located in Russia that can be hired for runway modeling. Typical assignments include catwalk for fashion shows featuring accessories, apparel or designer clothing. Fashion shows are regularly conducted regionally by brands and are one of the primary ways fashion designers broadcast their new collection each season to the public. In the majority of shows models with a tall posture are selected (5’8”-5’10” women / 5’11”- 6’3” men), although shorter models are known to participate on occasions as well. The models are expected to be able to walk confidently and aesthetically pleasing on the ramp as well as make posing stops for photographers.