Miroslava Badikova Модель
    Miroslava Badikova
    Kristina Yakimova Модель
    Kristina Yakimova
    Annet Morgenstern Модель & Визажист
    Annet Morgenstern
    Модель & Визажист
    Alexandra Lovchinovskaya Модель
    Alexandra Lovchinovskaya
    Яна Ультра Модель
    Яна Ультра
    Екатерина Штерн Childrens Photographer
    Екатерина Штерн
    Childrens Photographer
    Wump Agency Moscow Model Management
    Wump Agency Moscow
    Model Management
    Евгений Майнагашев Фотограф
    Евгений Майнагашев
    I Model Moscow Модельное Агентство
    I Model Moscow
    Модельное Агентство
    Константин Крюковский Фотограф
    Константин Крюковский
    Idolmodels Moscow Модельное Агентство
    Idolmodels Moscow
    Модельное Агентство
    Fedor Shmidt Фотограф
    Fedor Shmidt
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    The Russian Modelisto is an open directory featuring important modeling professionals. Listings include models, photographers, makeup artists, stylists and agencies. Volunteers contribute by adding professionals deemed significant in Russia. The pages are edited according to professional guidelines and visitors can contact directly artists for fashion and advertising projects. Modelisto is creating a catalog with the “best professionals in the world”, to be included register or create a wiki for your fashion team.

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